7 Ways to Encourage Comments on Your Blog

If no one comments on your business blog, is it successful? It’s sort of like the old question, “if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound?” One of the key ways to turn blog readers into blog buyers of your product or service is to engage with your reader through comments. Here are seven ways to encourage your readers to respond to your blog articles:

1. Ask!  - This is the simplest, but most overlooked step of blog writers. Make it a point to ask for comments at the end of your blog article. People respond to requests.

2. Seek opinions – Ask questions of your audience. Even adding a simple question at the end of your article like, “Do you agree?” can be enough to elicit a response.

3. Comment on comments – When someone does take the time to comment, be sure to respond! It shows the reader that you’re listening and value the time it took them to comment on your blog. The more often you respond, the more often your readers return and comment again.

4. Be personal – Don’t be afraid to show some personality in your blog articles. A blog is part of social media. When you can come off as a “real person,” your readers are more inclined to “like and trust you” and willing to comment.

5. Be controversial – It’s okay to stir the pot from time to time too. Take a bold stand, be contrarian in your articles. Don’t be this way in every article, but a little controversy doesn’t hurt! Keep your hot button topic posts clean, professional, and relevant to your brand.

6. Make it a game – Offer a reward for commenting on an article. Social Media Examiner does this effectively, by offering free tickets to its annual Social Media Success Summit to someone who comments on their blog. In 2011, this contest generated 129 comments. So far this year, they have 164!

7. Publish unfinished content – One reason your readers may not comment is that there is nothing left to say! Publish an open-ended post from time to time. When you share an idea, don’t think through the whole concept. Let your readers share their thoughts by inviting them into the discussion.

What tips for encouraging blog comments would you add to this list? Please share them in the comment box below!


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